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Hacker 25

List-o-Mania erupts at Hacker Group! We're celebrating the 25 years of our history with 25 weeks of fun, fact-filled, bizarre, local, international, heartbreaking, heartwarming and fascinating lists. Check back often to see what will make our next List of Lists.
What makes the Emerald City sparkle
How do we love Seattle? Let us count the ways. We asked Hacker employees about favorite places and landmarks and got an outpouring of response that would make other cities turn green with envy.
Natural beauty
  • 16% of us love the water — some named Alki Beach, others enjoy Shilshole, and many prefer the downtown waterfront.
  • 9% prefer the mountains — especially Mount Rainier.
  • 6% chose the parks — naming Gas Works Park most often, but also Discovery Park, Kerry Park and the arboretum.
Manmade wonders
  • 14% chose the Space Needle as quintessential Seattle.
  • 11% like the labyrinth of Pike Place Market.
  • 7% think the Troll under the bridge "kicks ass."
  • 4% like the Frank Gehry-designed EMP building most.
  • 2% chose the Gum Wall — proving that there's no accounting for taste.
  • 2% think the Monorail says it all.

"EMP. I love the way it constantly changes colors depending on the light. Also the patina is ever-evolving, just like us!" — Michael Bruce

"The statue of Lenin in front of Taco Del Mar in Fremont. It's where communism should be." — Andi Blija

"Noc Noc afterhours club. Super fun music when you're just not done celebrating." — Dayna Yount

"The Elephant Car Wash sign. Who doesn't love a pink elephant with little mice running around in neon lights?" — Paula White