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Carolyn Hansen

It's a candy mint AND a breath mint.

Carolyn Hansen | Executive Director, Marketing
6.19.2009       Comments (0)

Just read another article about the poor, beleaguered banner ad in Mediaweek.

The Online Publisher’s Association and comScore want us to know that banners are about more than clicks. This follows efforts by the IAB and Microsoft to do the same thing.

True, these guys are a little biased. But, even though I’m a direct marketer and all about the click, I can’t help but hope they win.

I want the banner ad to survive – and I want it to be more than just an annoying flashing dealio that I have alter my screen size to hide. I’m not able to read with these things blinking at me!

Not everything is about an instant response. Banners could, in theory, do an excellent job of brand building. (Just remember . . . some of us will boycott ads that flash like disco lights.) They can also sell right now. This has always been true of, for example, newspaper ads – some of them extol the virtues of a product and some of them have coupons. Heck, the classified section couldn’t be more direct. It’s true of television commercials. We have branded ones and direct spots.

Both have a place. Both are important. The issue seems to be definitions and goals. Mixed or fuzzy goals lead to disappointment.

So let’s click our Certs and end the argument.