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Sandwich Board Agency of the Year

Spyro Kourtis | President/Chief Executive Officer
2.18.2009       Comments (0)

I wrote a guest column published in Adweek’s online edition yesterday that’s gotten some interesting reaction.

I suggest that awarding a "Digital Agency of the Year" is an anachronism, because we’re now at the point where every marketer needs digital tools and the digital world needs all marketing tools.

Some people agree, some don’t. A few miss the point (and must not have read the part about how, as a direct marketer, I love digital). 

One commenter says that online is an ecosystem unto itself. I couldn’t disagree more. People are online and offline. What happens in one "ecosystem" influences the other. And I have the numbers to prove it.

Another commenter made some very good points:

The old models help, but don’t have all the answers anymore. The problem with traditional marketers is that they keep coming up with command and control campaigns. Even the idea of media is different today.

Although I may not have articulated it the same way, I think we actually agree. I believe all agencies may, in fact, start looking more like digital agencies than traditional agencies in the next few months or years -- and that’s exactly why a Digital Agency of the Year award could look like a put-down, rather than a compliment.

One person who didn’t add her comment on the site emailed me with this:

THANK YOU! Having a "Digital Agency of the Year" now is like having a "Cable Agency of the Year" in 1980-something! Totally ridiculous and shortsighted. Your closing paragraphs say it all. Great article.

She’s clearly one of the best minds in marketing.

The conversation continues on Brian Morrissey’s blog. Take a look and see what you think.